Awards Eligibility Roundup

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Geez I wrote a lot of stuff

Awards Nomination Season is here! I’ve got a few things that are eligible for various ballots. My work in 2020 is some of my favorite so far, and I would be so honored by your consideration. Here’s the roundup!

Upright Women Wanted, a story about queer antifascist spy librarians in the near-future American southwest, is eligible for Best Novella.

When We Were Magic, a Young Adult novel about queer friendship, consequences, and trying to bring a dead boy back to life, is eligible for the Lodestar Award (and other Young Adult Fiction awards).

We Don’t Talk About the Dragon, a short story about cycles of abuse and familial dysfunction, featured in the Book of Dragons anthology, is eligible for Best Short Story.

Drones To Ploughshares, a short story published in VICE about how we might welcome tools of oppression into a community, is eligible for Best Short Story.

Tiger Lawyer Gets It Right, a short story featured in the Escape Pod Anthology about a tiger who is a lawyer and who has a taste for justice, is eligible for Best Short Story.

Everything Is The Hunger Games Now is a reflection on The Hunger Games series, and the ways in which an oppressive government can weaponize trauma against its own people — a theme especially relevant in 2020. It’s eligible for Best Related Work.

Stone Soup, formerly Here’s the Thing, is my Substack, which you’re probably subscribed to if you’re reading this. It’s a free-to-read newsletter featuring essays, original short fiction, and more. For the past few months, I’ve been running a series of essays reflecting on the books that shaped us as readers and writers. This Substack is eligible for Best Fan Writer.

Whew! It’s been a hell of a year, gang. I so appreciate everyone who has been along for the ride. As always, I hope you’ll nominate and vote with your heart. 2020 has been an impossible year for many of us, but it’s also been an incredibly strong one — the world of genre fiction is full of dazzling work, especially now. I would be deeply honored for a place on your ballots, but there’s no such thing as losing when the field is packed with brilliance.


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