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Community Awards Eligibility Roundup

Everyone Did So Much
Community Awards Eligibility Roundup
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Awards Nomination Season is here!

Last week I asked folks to share their awards eligibility with me! I’ve rounded up all the eligibility information people chose to share and will update it periodically to include new information.

You can find my awards eligibility information here, as well as below. Notably, Stone Soup is eligible in fanzine categories, and I am eligible as fan editor of this publication. 

Community Eligibility

  • Names are linked to overall eligibility posts.
  • Categories of eligibility are linked if an individual has a single piece of work eligible in that category. For those who have multiple works eligible per category or who preferred to give me their own eligibility posts rather than linking individual works, click their name to see the full list.
  • Please email stone.soup@sarahgailey.com with corrections. 

Sarah Gailey: Best Short Story, Best Graphic Novel, Best Comic, Best Fanzine, Best Fan Editor

Maude Abouche: Best Short Story

Olivia Atwater: Best Novel

Joaquín Baldwin: Best Novel

Patrick Barb: Best Collection, Best Short Story, Best Essay / Nonfiction categories

Devan Barlow: Best Novel, Best Short Story, Best Poem

Phoebe Barton: Best Short Story

E.D.E. Bell: Best Novel, Best Short Story, Best Audio Narration, Best Editor

Samuel Best: Best Novelette

Marie Bilodeau: Best Novel

Bill Blume: Best Novel

C.B. Blanchard: Best Short Story

Avi Burton: Best Short Story

Martin Cahill: Best Short Story

Katrina Carruth: Best Short Story, Best Essay or Best Nonfiction Work

Vajra Chandrasekera: Best Novel

E. L. Chen: Best Short Story

Danai Christopoulou: Best Short Story

Nino Cipri: Best Short Story

Chloe N. Clark: Best Short Story, Best Collection

Marc A. Criley: Best Short Story

AnaMaria Curtis: Best Short Story

Indra Das or Indrapramit Das: Best Novella, Best Short Story

J.R. Dawson: Best Novel

Dominique Dickey: Best Short Story (horror), Best Short Story (SF)

Anya Johanna DeNiro: Best Novel, Best Novelette, Best short story

Jennifer R. Donohue: Best Novel, Best Novella, Best Short Story

R. K. Duncan: Best Short Story

J.L. DuRona: Best Novel

Amal El-Mohtar: Best Novelette 

Anthony Engebretson: Best Novel

A. K. Faulkner: Best Novel

Stephanie Feldman: Best Short Story

Tessa Fisher: Best Novelette

Dana Floberg: Best Novelette

Courtney Floyd: Best Short Story

Rebecca Fraimow: Best Novella

Michelle Franklin: Best Novel

Ephiny Gale: Best Short Story

Jendia Gammon or J. Dianne Dotson: Best Novel, Best Short Fiction, Best Collection, Young Adult categories

Jenna Glover: Best Short Story

Ed Grabianowski: Best Nonfiction (Horror) 

Rhiannon A Grist: Best Short Story

A.L. Goldfuss: Best Short Story, Best Novelette

Cait Gordon: Best Novel, Best Short Story

Catherine E. Green: Best Short Story

SJ Groenewegen: Best Novel

Thomas Ha: Best Short Story

Elad Haber: Best Short Story

Auston Habershaw: Best Short Story, Best Novelette

S. M. Hallow: Best Short Story

Leigh Harlen: Best Novella

Kate Heartfield: Best Novel

Joachim Heijndermans: Best Short Story

Sylvia Heike: Best Short Story

Leanna Renee Hieber: Best Short Story, Best Essay

Matt Neil Hill: Best Short Story

Dee Holloway: Best Short Story, Best Novella

A. P. Howell: Best Short Story

S.L. Huang: Best novel, Games Writing

Ariel Marken Jack: Best Short Story

Rachael K. Jones: Best Short Story

Gwen C. Katz: Best Short Story

Benjamin C. Kinney: Best Short Story, Best Semiprozine

Annika Barranti Klein: Best Short Story, Best Poem

Stephen Kotowych: Best Anthology and/or Best Related Work

Naomi Kritzer: Best Short Story, Best Novelette, Best Novel

Jordan Kurella: Best Short Story

Julia LaFond: Best Short Story, Best Poem, Best Essay and Nonfiction categories

Tris Lawrence: Best Short Story

Ann LeBlanc: Best Short Story

Kendra Preston Leonard: Best Poem

David D. Levine: Best Novel, Best Novelette

Angela Liu: Best Novelette, Best Short Story, Best Poem

Karawynn Long: Best Short Story (link to SFWA forum download, accessible to SFWA members)

A.Z. Louise or T.O. Tate: Best Novelette, Best Novella

Maya MacGregor: Lodestar and Andre Norton

Marshall Ryan Maresca: Best Novelette, Best Podcast / Fancast / Audio Nonfiction

Rae Mariz: Best Short Story

Malda Marlys: Best Short Story

Freya Marske: Best Novel, Best Series

Arkady Martine: Best Novella

Misty Massey: Best Short Story

Emmie Mears: Best Series 

Christie Meierz: Best Novel

M V Melcer: Best Novel

Lincoln Michel: Best Short Story (horror), Best Short Story (SF)

Rowenna Miller: Best Novel

Reed Mingault: Best Short Story, Best Novella

Premee Mohamed: Best Collection, Best Short Story

Cass Morris: Best Novel, Best Podcast / Fancast

Chelsea Mueller: Best Short Story

Sara Norja: Best Novelette

Aimee Ogden: Best Novella, Best Short Story

Suyi Davies Okungbowa: Best Novel, Best Short Story, Best Essay and Nonfiction categories

Megan E. O'Keefe: Best Novel

Malka Older: Best Novella, Best Short Story

Paz Pardo: Best Novel

Marisca Pichette: Best Short Story, Best Poem

B. Pladek: Best Short Story, Best Novel

C.L. Polk: Best Novelette

Gareth L. Powell: Best Novel

Jenny Rae Rappaport: Best Short Story

Melissa Ren: Best Short Story

Ezra Pilar Rodriguez: Best Short Story

Karlo Yeager Rodriguez: Best Short Story

Eden Royce: Best Short Story Collection, Best Short Story, Best Novel

Lynne Sargent: Best Short Story, Best Poem

Susanne Schmidt: Best Novella

Effie Seiberg: Best Short Story

Arturo Serrano: Best Fan Writer, Best Related Work

Avi Silver: Best Novella

Aaron Sofaer: Best Novel

Prashanth Srivatsa: Best Short Story

D.A. Straith: Best Short Story

Caitlin Starling: Best Novel, Best Short Story

A.D. Sui: Best Short Story

Natalia Theodoridou: Best Short Story

Eugenia Triantafyllou: Best Short Story, Best Novelette, and Best Nonfiction

Marie Vibbert: Best Short Story (and related categories)

Cody Vrosh: Best Fan Artist

M. Darusha Wehm: Best Novella

Martha Wells: Best Novel

Paul Weimer: Best Podcast, Best Fanzine, Best Fan Writer

Ursula Whitcher: Best Short Story, Best Novelette, Best Poem, Game Design Categories

K.A. Wiggins: Best Short Fiction

Rem Wigmore: Best Novelette, Best Novel

John Wiswell: Best Short Story 

Risa Wolf: Best Short Story

Nicole M. Wolverton: Best Short Fiction

Allison Wyss: Best Short Story

Wen Wen Yang: Best Short Story

B. Zelkovich: Best Short Fiction

Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko: Best Novella

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