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Election Day Care and Resources

And also, a movie marathon

Hey friends, it’s Election Day in America, and this one’s big. It’s a lot to process. We all know it. There are resources at the bottom of this post to help you do the things you need to do to, for yourself and to help make today count for as many people as possible.

Once you’ve done everything you can, please take a moment to breathe. Remember that ‘doing everything you can’ means ‘doing everything you’re capable of,’ not ‘doing everything that it might be possible for an imaginary, limitless person to do.’ You don’t need to excoriate yourself for being tired, for being scared, for needing time to rest, for needing to take breaks.

We are all doing our best, and that effort encompasses what you might think of as your worst moments. Remember that weakness isn’t a synonym for inferiority — that’s a notion favored by those who believe that the only route to power is strength and domination. That fascist might-makes-right mentality is neither accurate nor necessary. There is room, in the society we are trying to build together, for weakness and fatigue and illness and failure. There is space for us to care for each other in our frail, vulnerable moments.

It is the most human impulse there is, to care for each other when we are struggling. We are social creatures. We help each other to survive. A quote commonly attributed to Margaret Mead describes the first sign of human civilization as a healed break in a femoral bone — an injury which would require the injured party to receive extended, constant care from others, without being able to reciprocate immediately. This quote isn’t verifiable, but whether or not it’s accurate that Mead said it, I agree with it. Rest, care, and comfort in times of need: that’s what makes a society great.

With that in mind, and having done everything else I’m currently capable of to budge the moral arc of the universe toward justice: I’m hosting a movie day.

Starting at 12pm PT / 3pm ET, I’ll post watchparty links in the comments section of a locked post. I’ll use Netflix and Hulu, alternating, to try to make space for people who only have access to one platform or the other. (Sorry if you don’t have either, those are the only ones I’ve got.) For safety and security reasons, comments (and watchparty links) will only be visible to paying subscribers.

These movies will not necessarily be Great Accomplishments of Cinema, but they will be fun and comforting and they will not demand too much of you. They will give your brain something to sink into, and if you feel like it, you’ll be able to chat with friends who are also looking for moments of respite.

Come watch a movie with us. You deserve a break.

Here’s where you can find out if you’re eligible to vote.

Here’s where you can find out if your state offers same-day registration.

Here’s where you can find your local polling place.

Here’s where you can locate a local dropbox if you need to drop off a mail-in ballot.

Here’s where you can find out the status of your ballot to be sure your vote has been or will be counted.

Here’s where you can report a long polling line to get food sent to you and your fellow voters.

Here’s where you can donate to send food to voters waiting in line. If you send me proof that you’ve donated at least $10, I will comp you a three-month subscription to this newsletter.

Here’s a ton more information to help you navigate voting.

Remember that we might not have results tonight, and that’s okay. Believe the world can be a better place than it is. No matter the outcome of this election, fight for that world. Together, we can make change possible. Together, we can care for each other.

No matter what, don’t give up. You’re not alone.