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Are you ready to EAT THE RICH?

Hope you're hungry...

I am so excited to share good news these days, and today I am extra-excited because I have some really, really good news to share: Eat the Rich #1 drops in just one week!

The cover of EAT THE RICH #1 features three wealthy people regarding a tiny female figure that is falling upside-down in their midst. One holds a fork; one holds a knife; one holds a martini in a glass. All three are wearing glasses with reflective red frames.

This comic has been years in the making. I will never forget sitting across a table, sharing guacamole with my editor and saying “what if I wrote a comic that reads like a CW drama… but with a lot more gore?” Can y’all believe he said yes? And then I moved to Los Angeles, and then COVID arrived, and then my state was on fire and my city was occupied by a militarized police force and then by the actual military, and then I moved again, and everything kept happening so much all the time — and through it all, I was writing this comic.

And now it’s almost here!

What are you talking about, Sarah?

My debut comic miniseries, EAT THE RICH, is coming out on August 18th!

I’ve been hollering here and there about this project but if you missed that hollering, here’s what you’re in for:

Welcome to Crestfall Bluffs! With law school and her whole life ahead of her, Joey plans to spend the summer with her boyfriend Astor in his seemingly perfect hometown. It’s a chance to finally meet his family and childhood friends, all while enjoying a vacation where every need is attended to. But beneath the affluent perfection lies a dark, deadly rot… will Joey discover the truth before it’s too late, and even if she does, can she survive to tell the tale?

I got to work with a truly amazing team to make this come to life:
- Artist Pius Bak illustrated the series better than I ever could have dreamed
- Colorist Roman Titov breathed vibrant depth into those amazing illustrations
- Letterer Cardinal Rae took my unhinged scripts and married them to the art perfectly

The main cover art you see at the top is by the legendary Kevin Tong. There are also variant covers available from Becca Carey, Jenny Frison, and Leila del Duca, and all of them are dazzling.

Where to buy it (please buy it)

EAT THE RICH #1 will be available on August 18, 2021 at your local comic book shop or at the BOOM! Studios webstore.

Where I’ll be

I’m not going on tour because of the, y’know, ongoing pandemic. Plus I don’t know if “here’s my comic I wrote” tours are a thing for little guys like me. But don’t worry! I’m still finding a way to celebrate with all of you!

On August 18th at 6pm PT, I’ll be on Instagram Live with Maggie Tokuda-Hall, author of The Mermaid, The Witch, and The Sea and her incredible forthcoming graphic novel Squad. Join us for Billionaire Buffet, a game we invented that promises to be utterly delicious and completely unhinged and that will contain no credible threats against real people, legally speaking. Bring your appetite!

EAT THE RICH was a complete blast to create. It came from my love for soapy primetime dramas, and my love of horror, and my bone-deep loathing of the way wealth creates an arbitrary culture in order to protect itself. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

No matter what you show up for, and whether you buy & read the comic or not, thank you so much for letting me be in your inbox.

Next week, you can look forward to one more email about EAT THE RICH coming out, and then we’ll be back to talking about worldbuilding! If you’re a paying subscriber, you’ll also get the second installment of What We Share this week, featuring a new recipe and a fresh playlist, and I’ll see you on Friday in the open thread. If you’re not a paying subscriber, please consider joining us! We’re cool and fun and your subscription dollars let me access actual healthcare!

In the meantime, care for yourself and the people around you. Believe that the world can be better than it is now. Never give up.