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Stone Soup Digest 06.16.23

Coworking date today!
Stone Soup Digest 06.16.23
Photo by Patrick Fore / Unsplash

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Supper Club Writing Date Update

The Supper Club coworking date is today! All the info is in this month’s Supper Club exclusive post. Join the Supper Club and then join us at 2:00 PM Pacific for a couple of hours of focus time.

Marvel Voices Pride #1

This special anthology of Marvel shorts is out now, featuring my fun Black Cat story about what it takes to steal the heart of a hot girl! Take an inside look and go pick it up from your local comic shop!

Comics Workers Resources

If you’ve been online this past week, you’ve probably seen comics creators talking about what goes into the making of your favorite comics—and what that work takes out of the people who make those comics. If you’re a comics creator who wants to speak up about what your working life is like, check out this 2023 Comics Workers Survey. There are also Resources for Creators here.

Roger Payne, legendary whale biologist, passes away

The Queer Liberation Library is holding a fundraiser

The Queer Liberation Library is a cool-as-hell new project that connects LGBTQ+ people with literature and resources to build and empower a vibrant queer future. They’re holding a fundraiser to build and launch their inaugural collection later this year. Check it out, spread the word, and support their work!

Personal Canons Cookbook Highlight: Betty’s Summer Surprise Fruit Dessert

Madeline Ashby is a consulting futurist and science fiction writer based in Toronto. Go check out her recipe for a lovely, versatile fruit dessert that is easy to make even during hard times.

Read Betty’s Summer Surprise Fruit Dessert.

I’m Reading: The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins

The job of the skin is to keep it all in...

On the island of Here, livin's easy. Conduct is orderly. Lawns are neat. Citizens are clean shaven—and Dave is the most fastidious of them all. Dave is bald, but for a single hair. He loves drawing, his desk job, and the Bangles. But on one fateful day, his life is upended… by an unstoppable (yet pretty impressive) beard.

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The final war for the nation of Crache has begun.

At the helm of the people’s rebellion is Evie, the Sparrow General. She has been captured by the Skrian, Crache’s vicious army, and is being brought back to the Capitol for punishment. But reinforcements are coming for her.

Dyeawan, who has climbed from street urchin to Crache’s highest seat of power through clever schemes and ruthless bloodshed, finds trouble on every front once she arrives. The rebellion approaches, and there are whispers of a martyr within the city who holds enough sway to stage a coup. If she doesn’t act quickly, her rule will be short-lived.

As the women who hold the nation’s future meet each other from different sides of the battlefield, will they be able to find a shared vision of Crache, or will they destroy each other first?

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WGA Strike Updates

Find community resources to support the strike here.

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