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Stone Soup Digest 12.9.22

Makeover, Comics, Fudge
Stone Soup Digest 12.9.22

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Stone Soup has a new layout! With many thanks to Josh and the team at Ghost for their tireless efforts to make the transition smooth and glitch-free, we now have a site that’s more than just an archive for this newsletter. It’s easy to navigate and features searchability, integrated comments, and some really beautiful design. Go check it out!

Know Your Station #1 SOLD OUT its first print run!

Holy crap!! You all supported the first issue of Know Your Station so much that we sold out ahead of release!! The first issue, which came out this week, is going into a second printing already. Our second print run features a gorgeous cover from Jahnoy Lindsay. I am over the moon. Thank you so much for supporting the release this week!!

Fudge Day

Every year for the holidays, I make 80 pounds of fudge to ship to friends, family, and colleagues. This year’s flavors were orchard-themed: chocolate orange, lemon raspberry, ginger lime, and pear crumble.

12 empty tin baking sheets lined up on a long table.

Visit a Neighbor: Why Zoos (and Zookeepers) Do The Thing

This is a no-PR newsletter that leans into the facts, the hows, and whys of Zoos and Zookeepers. It’s a look at the industry’s ambiguities, contradictions, and politics. If you’re as fascinated by this subject as I am, check it out!

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Strike News

The HarperCollins strike has been going strong since November 10th. This is a record breaking strike and they could still use all of our help and support. Workers are asking for a modest pay increase, and those who run the company are refusing to budge on even this deeply reasonable request. Let’s do what the company can’t seem to, and show these hardworking strikers that we respect and value what they do:

How to directly support the HarperCollins Union right now

Elsewhere, the New York Times Union is threatening a walkout of their own. They’re fighting for better pay, better health care, and pension plans. Support them by not engaging with NYT content (yes, this means breaking your Wordle streak. We all sacrifice together.)

Congress is trying to prevent a potential railway worker union strike. Railway workers currently experience incredibly brutal work conditions including no paid sick leave. No human being should have to live that way. As of the writing of this digest, railway workers may still decide to strike. If they do, plan to support them as much as possible.

Remember, striking workers are fighting not only for their own rights, but for all of us. Every time a strike is successful, workers gain more power – the power to demand fair pay, humane working conditions, and honorable treatment. Solidarity forever!

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