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WGA Victory!

Digest 09.29.23 - Stone Soup
WGA Victory!
Photo by Johanna Buguet / Unsplash

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KNOW YOUR STATION is out in stores now!

Here’s all the places you can buy it!

  • Your local comic shop has copies of KNOW YOUR STATION VOL 1 – and might even have signed floppies of the five issues, complete with stunning variant covers! Find your local comic shop here.
  • Bookshop.org is an online retailer that supports independent booksellers. You can purchase KNOW YOUR STATION VOL 1 through Bookshop here, and have it delivered to your door, all while keeping independent bookstores afloat!
  • Barnes & Noble carries KNOW YOUR STATION, and they ship all around the world. Order your copy through them to get it shipped to your door wherever you are!
  • Your local independent bookstore would love to see you in person! Go pick up KNOW YOUR STATION there, and if they don’t have a copy, remember that you can ask them to order it for you! Find your local independent bookstore here.
  • Your local library has comics, too!! You can check out KNOW YOUR STATION there, or you can ask them to purchase it and keep it in stock. Bonus: You’ll make it so other readers can discover it when they come in to browse. Find your local library using Worldcat!
  • Did you know that you can read comics online through your local library? Lots of libraries offer digital comics that you can read on your phone or tablet. There’s an app that makes it easy – check out Hoopla here!
  • If none of those options work for you, you can always go to the Bad River Website. Sometimes we have to go to sources we hate to access things we love, and there’s no shame in that! Take comfort: billionaires might control just about everything, but they die as easy as the rest of us.

Enjoy KNOW YOUR STATION VOL 1, featuring the incredible art of Liana Kangas, the stunning colors of Rebecca Nalty, and the always-flawless letters of Cardinal Rae. There’s a little bonus manifesto from me and Liana in the back of the book. I hope you love it!



We did it! After nearly 150 days of striking, the WGA was able to negotiate a deal that protects writers and guarantees them fair treatment. You can read about the agreement on the WGA’s website. This is an incredible victory and we should celebrate it!

Here are the other entertainment industry strikes still in process:

Personal Canons Cookbook Highlight: Grains of Truth

Allison Pottern is a writer and reader of all things speculative, with a background in publishing, event planning, publicity, and bookselling. Allison is currently working on a cli-fi novel, drinking copious cups of tea, watching plenty of cooking shows, and teaching the virtual seminar Where the Speculative and the Literary Meet: Redefining Genre through Grub Street Inc. Her writing can be found at The Rumpus, The Oakland Review, GrubWrites, and her newsletter Books, Marketing & More. Follow her on BlueSky.

Her essay, on finding her way to care and comfort through oatmeal, is available now.

Read Grains of Truth.

New Comics Reviews from Scott Redmond

Friend of the newsletter Scott Redmond is a phenomenal comics reviewer, providing an in-depth look at current comics over at ComicCon.com. Check out his latest reviews:

I’m Reading: Rachel Rising by Terry Moore

Rachel Beck wakes in a shallow grave and claws her way free as a mysterious woman watches from a bluff. With no memory of the night before, Rachel enlists the help of Aunt Johnny, the town mortician, to find her killer. But when repeated attacks send her to the morgue, Rachel's ability to wake from death again and again prove to be a blessing and a curse, and the eerie town of Manson will never be the same!

Barnes & Noble | Bad River Website | Local Library | Find an Indie Bookstore

By sinking a fleet of Imperial Warships, the Pirate Supreme and their resistance fighters have struck a massive blow against the Emperor. Now, allies from across the empire are readying themselves, hoping against hope to bring about the end of the conquerors’ rule and the rebirth of the Sea. But trust and truth are hard to come by in this complex world of mermaids, spies, warriors, and aristocrats. Who will Genevieve—lavishly dressed but washed up, half-dead, on the Wariuta island shore—turn out to be? Is warrior Koa’s kindness toward her admirable, or is his sister Kaia’s sharp suspicion wiser? And back in the capital, will pirate-spy Alfie really betray the Imperials who have shown him affection, especially when a duplicitous senator reveals xe would like nothing better?

Meanwhile, the Sea is losing more and more of herself as her daughters continue to be brutally hunted, and the Empire continues to expand through profits made from their blood. The threads of time, a web of schemes, shifting loyalties, and blossoming identities converge in Maggie Tokuda-Hall’s remarkable companion to The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea, as unlikely young allies work to forge a new and better world.

Barnes & Noble | Bad River Website | Local Library | Find an Indie Bookstore

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