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Community Awards Eligibility Roundup

Everyone Did So Much
Community Awards Eligibility Roundup
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Welcome to the Stone Soup Weekly Digest! This  week’s digest is all about signal boosting the accomplishments of people from our beautiful community. Subscribe to Stone Soup to get the digest in your inbox every week.

Awards Nomination Season is here!

Last week I asked for folks to share their awards eligibility with me! I’ve rounded up all the eligibility information people chose to share and will update it periodically to include new information.

You can find my awards eligibility information here, as well as below.

Community Eligibility

  • Names are linked to eligibility posts/tweets.
  • Categories of eligibility are linked if an individual has a single piece of work eligible in that category. For those who have multiple works eligible per category, click their name to get to their eligibility post so you can see the full list.
  • Please email stone.soup@sarahgailey.com with corrections.

Erin E. Adams: Best Novel
Phoenix Alexander: Best Short Fiction, Best Novella
E.C. Ambrose: Best Novel, Best Game Writing
Gavia Baker-Whitelaw: Best Fan Writer
Patrick Barb: Best Novella, Best Novelette, Best Short Fiction, Best Short Nonfiction
Annika Barranti Klein: Best Short Fiction
Alan Baxter: Best Short Fiction, Best Novel, Best Anthology Editing
Zack Be: Best Novelette
Megan Beadle: Best Novelette
Annie Bellet: Best Novelette
Warren Benedetto: Best Short Fiction
Renan Bernardo: Best Short Fiction
Hilary Bisenieks: Best Fancast, Best Game Writing
Sharang Biswas: Best Short Fiction
Eliane Boey: Best Short Fiction
Jen Brown: Best Flash Fiction, Best Related Work
David Busboom: Best Collection, Best Short Fiction
Paul Carro: Best Novel, Best Anthology
Tania Chen: Best Short Fiction
Danny Cherry Jr.: Best Short Fiction
John Chu: Best Short Fiction, Best Novelette
K.W. Colyard: Best Short Fiction
Amanda Cook: Best Short Fiction, Best Flash Fiction
P.A. Cornell: Best Novella, Best Short Fiction
Brandon Crilly: Best Novel, Best Game Writing, Best Short Fiction
Lyndsey Croal: Best Short Fiction
AnaMaria Curtis: Best Short Fiction
Julie Czerneda: Best Short Fiction, Best Novella, Best Collection, Best Novel
Ray Daley: Best Short Fiction
Oyedotun Damilola: Best Short Fiction
Sunyi Dean: Best Short Fiction, Best Novel
Stephen Dedman: Best Short Fiction, Best Collection
Marion Deeds: Best Novel
Dominique Dickey: Best Short Fiction
Moustapha Mbacké Diop: Best Short Fiction
Jennifer R. Donohue: Best Short Fiction, Best Novella
Oyedotun Damilola: Best Short Fiction
R.K. Duncan: Best Short Fiction, Best Fan Writing
Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki: Best Short Fiction, Best Long Non-Fiction, Best Editing/Anthology, Best Short Non-Fiction
Naomi Eselojor: Best Short Fiction
Athar Fikry: Best Game Writing
Grace P. Fong: Best Short Fiction
Sarah Gailey: Best Novel, Best Comic, Best Related Work, Best Fanzine
Rhonda J. Garcia (also published as R.J. Joseph): Best Short Fiction, Best Short Non-Fiction, Best Collection
R.S.A. Garcia: Best Novella, Best Short Fiction
Chadwick Ginther: Best Novel, Best Short Fiction
Maya Gittelman: Best Fan Writer, Best Related Work
A.T. Greenblatt: Best Short Fiction
Rhiannon A. Grist: Best Novella
Elad Haber: Best Flash Fiction, Best Short Fiction
Auston Habershaw: Best Short Fiction
Lindsey Hall: Best Editor (Long Form)
Bobby Harrell: Best Short Fiction
Maria Haskins: Best Short Fiction
Alexander Hewitt: Best Short Fiction
Matt Neil Hill: Best Short Fiction, Best Short Non-Fiction
Jennifer Hudak: Best Short Fiction
Kim Jackways (also published as K.M. Jackways): Best Short Fiction, Best Novella, Best Novel
Naseem Jamnia: Best Novella
Ruth Joffre: Best Short Fiction, Best Nonfiction
Shelly Jones: Best Chapbook, Short Fiction, Best Poetry
Zoe Kaplan: Best Short Fiction
Rine Karr: Best Short Fiction
L.P. Kindred: Best Short Fiction, Best Essay, Best Anthology, Best Podcast
Benjamin C. Kinney: Best Short Fiction
E.V. Knight: Best Novella, Best Short Fiction, Best Poetry
A.C. Koch: Best Novelette
Nicole Kornher-Stace: Best Novella, Best Novelette
Mary Robinette Kowal: Best Novel, Best Short Fiction, Best Fancast
Jordan Kurella: Best Novella, Best Collection
Ben Larned: Best Short Fiction
Alan Lastufka: Best Novel
Shelley Lavigne: Best Short Fiction
Angel Leal: Best Poem
P.H. Lee: Best Novelette, Best Short Fiction
Wen-yi Lee: Best Short Fiction, Best Flash Fiction, Best Short Nonfiction
David D. Levine: Best Novelette
Marissa Lingen: Best Short Fiction, Best Poem, Best Short Nonfiction / Related Work
Monica Louzon: Best Short Fiction, Best Translations, Best Editor
Nathan Makarios: Best Short Fiction
Ally Malinenko: Best Middle Grade Fiction
Victor Manibo: Best Novel
Marshall Ryan Maresca: Best Fancast, Best Novel, Best Novella
Rae Mariz: Best Novella
Ariel Marken Jack: Best Short Fiction, Best Novelette
Brian McAuley: Best Novel, Best Nonfiction, Best Short Fiction
Madison McSweeney: Best Poetry, Best Short Fiction, Best Short Nonfiction
Lincoln Michel: Best Short Fiction
Sam J. Miller: Best Novella, Best Collection
Premee Mohamed: Best Novel, Best Short Fiction
Aidan Moher: Best Related Work, Best Fanzine, Best Fan Writer
Ray Nayler: Best Novel
Meridel Newton: Best Novella
Emma Osborne: Best Short Fiction
H.V. Patterson: Best Poetry, Best Short Fiction
C.H. Pearce: Best Short Fiction, Best Fan Artist
Aleta Pérez: Best Short Fiction, Best Fan Artist
Cindy Phan: Best Short Fiction
Marisca Pichette: Best Short Fiction
Hailey Piper: Best Novel, Best Novella
Jared Povanda: Best Short Fiction
Parker Ragland: Best Short Fiction
Danielle Ranucci: Best Short Fiction
Jenny Rae Rapport: Best Short Fiction
dave ring: Best Short Fiction, Best Editor (Short Form), Best Related Work
Lauren Ring: Best Short Story, Best Fanzine
Karlo Yeager Rodríguez: Best Short Fiction
Christopher Mark Rose: Best Short Fiction
Jennifer Lee Rossman: Best Short Fiction
Lora Senf: Best Middle Grade Fiction
Jordan Shiveley: Best Short Fiction
Cislyn Smith: Best Short Fiction, Best Flash Fiction, Best Poetry, Best Related Work
Kelsey Socha: Best Novella
DongWon Song: Best Related Work
Jae Steinbacher: Best Short Story
Carlie St. George: Best Short Fiction, Best Flash Fiction
A.D. Sui: Best Short Fiction, Best Flash Fiction
Esme Symes-Smith: Best Middle-Grade Fiction
Francesca Tacchi: Best Novella
Kristina Ten: Best Short Fiction, Best Novelette
Natalia Theodoridou: Best Short Fiction, Best Novelette, Best Game Writing
Eugenia Triantafylloy: Best Short Fiction, Best Flash Fiction
Ricardo Victoria: Best Short Fiction
Dawn Vogel: Best Flash Fiction, Best Short Fiction, Best Poetry
LC von Hessen: Best Short Fiction
Rem Wigmore: Best Short Nonfiction, Best Short Fiction
Jennifer Willis: Best Short Nonfiction, Best Novel
John Wiswell: Best Short Fiction
Amanda Worthington: Best Novella

Strike News

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How to directly support the HarperCollins Union right now

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